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Map browser

You can browse maps of current and past boundaries in our Map Browser.

Current constituencies and regions

UK Parliament constituencies | Scottish Parliament constituencies | Scottish Parliament regions

Past constituencies and regions

Past UK Parliament constituencies
1950-1955 | 1955-1974 | 1974-1983 | 1983-1997 | 1997-2005

Past Scottish Parliament constituencies and regions
Constituencies 1999-2011 | Regions 1999-2011

Past European Parliament constituencies
1979-1984 | 1984-1999 | 1999

To identify current and past constituencies for a postcode, use our Your Area search facility.

Data files

You can download shapefiles of each of these sets of constituencies from the Data files page.

Other sources of information

Another source on the Web of maps showing current constituencies, wards and local authority areas is Ordnance Survey's Election Maps website - .

For maps relating to proposals in a current review, use the page for Reviews in Progress, or for proposals in past reviews the page for Past Reviews. For more information about maps, including buying maps, see the Maps section of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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